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by Tomás Latino - Grupo Sol

On September 11th 2001 the mankind was hardly shocked by an unexpected event with terrifying characteristics. During an attack, the NEW YORK twin towers were hit by liner aircrafts, causing the buildings to fall down with thousands of victims as a consequence. Incredibly this reality had already been prophesized in 1939 by an Argentinean plastic artist in his premonitory drawings. It is necessary to make clear that in that year the towers have not been built.

[Photo 1]
"...A great people have been carried to defend a great nation. The terrorist attacks can shake the basements of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundations of the United States. These actions destroyed steel, but they cannot injure the steel of the United States determination. The United States were the target of this attack because we are the most shining beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world. And nobody will make this light to extinguish. Today, our nation saw the wickedness, the worst of the human nature. And we replayed with the best of the United States, with the boldness of our rescue workers, with the affection of strangers and neighbors, who attended to give blood and to help in the way of the possible...".
George W. Bush. White House. September 11th 2001

[Photo 2]

"The North-American freedom will loss its light, its torch will light no longer, as well as yesterday did it, and the monument will be hit for twice". (Benjamín Solari Parravicini. 1939)


[Photo 3]

Benjamín Solari Parravicini was born in Buenos Aires city, on August 8, 1898. He was an internationally known plastic artist, simple and humble man he was a naturally gifted with a great psychic and esthetic sensitiveness, becoming later the director of the Buenos Aires City Municipal Fine Arts Museum.
In the peace of his atelier, where he drew, he started to receive in an strange way, ideas which he sketched on paper and which he ascribed to the spontaneity of the artistic creation. But he met a great surprise when he confirmed that the sketched ideas were prophetic, since with the passing of time they came inexorably true...

Thus, under the surprise of his family and friends, he began to accumulate a series of draws containing prophecies about the world future, and particularly about Argentina.
Benjamin's family lived in a colonial large house that his mother had inherited in 1918.

[Photo 4]

The mansion was a seven hectares piece of land in the Olivos area (North of Grand Buenos Aires) on the riverside and separated from the adjacent lands by wide grove surrounded gaps.
When they were about to move house, they began to realize that rare things were taking place. The large house had, in the ground floor, twenty wide windows protected by colonial style grilles, and in the nights, noises were felt as if someone beat them with a stick. Immediately after that, one after the other, tens of stones hit the outer walls, some of tem blowing in through the windows. At the very beginning, the family frightened because of the situation, especially for not finding the origin of the blowing stones and because the numerous dogs of the house remained indifferent in the presence of the noises. They decided to report the fact to the police which could not do anything. As this went on night after night without the stones to hit no one in the house they ended up accustomed. In the following days it was joined to this the noise of what appeared to be a person trying to open the main door at about 02:00 am, and the snoring that were heard in one of the towers of the house. Although it seems strange, the family assumed these events as something funny that even caused friends meetings which that to be witnesses of the situation, which extended for 27 years, between 1918 and 1945.

Benjamín, also known in the family circle as Pelón, was the protagonist of strange situations, for instance, "to guess" the location of lost things or persons. But it was in the decade of the í30 when he started to show his extraordinary capability. One night of 1938 Benjamín waked up trembling, and perceiving a strong sea and seaweed scent inside his room, and at the same time he heard a delicate feminine voice. He started to write what the voice told to him: That she was separating from the life, that she saw beautiful images, and that "the seaweeds involved his hands like dead jewels". At last, the woman introduced herself and Pelón wrote a name, a place and a date: "Alfonsina Storni, Mar del Plata, October 1938". In that precise moment the wonderful poetess suicide going deep into the sea at about 450 kilometers far from the place where Benjamín was.

But his most incredible facet had already became apparent since 1932. His hands, without any apparent control from him, drew and wrote things that with the passing of the years would have an unknown sense for him: He had begun to receive his first psychographies.

His most active period was between 1936 and 1940, this faculty stayed with him for life. In one opportunity he was asked about the way he received the messages and he replayed that he heard a voice whispering him in his ear and revealing events that occurred many years later. One night, in 1936, while he was writing tales and poems in his room, as he was used to do, he saw with extreme surprise how a heavy bronze lamp lifted in the air and hit the wall. Benjamín took the twisted lamp and, heading towards Justinoís room, his brother, showed him the lamp, but Justino playing down the importance of the fact suggested Benjamín to go to sleep. Pelón went back in his room, but he already could not sleep. He felt a strong sensation in his hand and a deep necessity to take a pencil and to start to draw strange messages on the paper. At first he put aside these premonitions and threw away many of the draws, unfortunately, today are lost.
In one of his draws he showed to Mussolini dead, hanging, head down, just as it was seen at Milan streets in 1945 next to his lover Clareta Petacci. We have to bear in mind that the draw was made in 1936, during the full apogee of the Italian leader, and nine years before his death. He anticipated in great detail the appearance of the atomic bomb many years before it was used.

Deep catholic, at first he did not play these messages down and he even burned many of them.
After the visit of a powerful heavenly entity, who with he held a deep and mystic contact, he had to take the decision. From that moment he could no longer stop.
He produced more than 700 psychographies composed of one draw accompanied by a short message as an explanation, and most of them stood out because of their high accuracy, prophecies which cover absolutely the whole fields of the human activity: Politic events, social, cultural, spiritual, metaphysic, scientific, technological, and which were advanced by this notable clairvoyant, unfairly forgotten in his own country, and scarcely known in the rest of the world.

Pedro Romaniuk ( famous Argentinean researcher and founder director of the Cosmobiophysic Foundation Research Institute) has the privilege of possess about 400 original draws which received through Alejandro Erú, missing today. Both, Romaniuk and Erú disciples of the prophet.

But one of the most enigmatic aspects in the life of "Pelón" is his contact with Extraterrestrial beings. According to trustworthy sources (even the well known Antonio Rivera, Spaniard researcher, referred to the subject in his books) had been abducted, carried inside a spacecraft, in heart of Buenos Aires city center, quite near the Buenos Aires Obelisk. The researcher, Robert Anderson, cites in his book "Mysterious appearances and disappearances", the interview given by the humanities professor in La Plata University and secretary of the Argentinean Parapsychology Institute Alejandro Erú to the newspaper "La Razón". Although the full name of the protagonist was not revealed by Erú, his initials, BSP, correspond to our prophet.
"BSP assured to have been contacted by a blond hair guy - wrote Anderson - with a Nordic look, whose eyes were so light that appeared to be blind. The blond hair man talked to him with a guttural voice and in an incomprehensible language although his manners were friendly. The artist perceived only watching of the craft insides before to suffer a sort of faint.

When regained consciousness, BSP saw that he was flying with three blonds blond hair men just like the first one. One of them, politely, questioned him in a language also incomprehensible, but BSP thought to have understood to the man, or, unless caught his ideas, by telepathic communication. BSP was suggested not to be afraid, that he would be back in the earth, just in the same place where he had been took. BSP swore that during the all flight he was in a sort of faintness, but perceiving the lands of Japan, France, and afterwards Chile. When he recovered from his particular trance he was right in the same place where he had meet the blond hair man".

Perhaps because of this reason, many of Parraviciniís prophecies refer to the contact with extraterrestrial beings, which he names "astronavigator" (astronavego), "the Blue Beings" from the planet "KI--EN-KI", which have already been in the earth thousands of years ago and will be back "in their enormous fish shape red ships":

- The astronavigator from the planet KI--EN-KI which arrived in the earth in the hour of the creation, which contributed in the Egyptian construction, Greek and Roman, which helped in the wars of Europe and guided the lasts constructions, tries again to fortify the man in his mind and to avoid the atomic disaster. It is in mission! (year 1960)

- The astral astronavigator which lived in the earth during the Caldean civilization brought then big fish shaped red ships and used them to take human beings to the planet KI--EN-KI. Today, he is bringing again his giant red ships to rescue from the three smokes to the earthly beings and to take them to the planet "KI--EN-KI". He will bring them back in the 2000! (year 1960)

- The big firefish shaped starships from the "KI--EN-KI" will travel to the earth in a high mission for assistance. They will travel over their already familiar South Pole. They will dwell in the ices until the hour of the hour. Then they will be. (year 1960)

[Photo 5]

5 GOLD damned will be killed damned gold you will fall.
(no date)

[Photo 6] 20K .jpg
The planets will tell the man about races not humanoid of static beauty and mind power Higer! (year 1972)

[Photo 7] 16K .jpg
The distorted ugly monstruousity of the extraterrestrials is a human fantasy. It does not exist! (year 1972)

[Photo 8] 23K .jpg
The obeliscs of the moon will speak someday, and they will destroy the voice of the human being. (year 1972)

[Photo 9] 17K .jpg
The moon crater of the seven circular stair will disclose its secret to the man. (no date)

[Photo 10] 16K .jpg
Interplanetary ships come to the earth in PAX. (year 1960)

[Photo 11] 17K .jpg
Interplanetary ships, invisible to the human eye, are coming right now to the earth. These beings, invisible to the human eye, have always coexisted in our planet, and they dwell in temples and convents because they are mystics and they tray to impose the faith. (year 1939)

[Photo 12] 20K .jpg
Last news announce the arrival of the invisibles in mass. (year 1939)

[Photo 13] 16K .jpg
The earthly civilization has an astray civilization. It was higher than the following. The man of that time was "adaptable" to the intense earth heat as well as to the hard cold of his origin. He was electromagnetic, he knew how to follow the high mathematics and astral sciences. This man still dwells the iced Pluto, since as it was said "he is adaptable". (year 1960)

[Photo 14] 17K .jpg
The amphibious interplanetary ship will prove the existence of habitable channels inside the earth. It will submerge in the South Pole and will reappear in the North Pole. Just soon afterwards! (year 1960)

[Photo 15] 36K .jpg
Extraterrestrial laboratory satellite, where works for the humanity are in progress. There are being developed harmful cultures from the earth in order to find the way to exterminate them. There, it is searched for the way to finish off the diseases that ravage. To attain the cleanliness from the toxins that inhabit our atmosphere and the waters. There is produced different kinds of artificial blood and different ways of aids to help after... the final chaos! (year 1940)

[Photo 16] 15K .jpg
Giant vegetables will arrive in the earth before the great hunger. (year 1940)

[Photo 17] 19K .jpg
In the presence of the constant visits of the extraterrestrial navigators the, science will deny, after that it will doubt, and at last it will say... true it is!. And our wisdom has fallen behind. They have been looking at and looking after us for centuries! (year 1940)

[Photo 18] 20K .jpg
"The atom will arrive, and it will reign". (year 1938)

[Photo 19] 25K .jpg
"The atom will go so far as to tyrannize the world, the world will be atomized and will go blind. It will fall storms caused by the incursions of the man in the atmosphere, new diseases, sex changes, collective madness, general absurdity. The world will go dark". (year 1934)

[Photo 20] 26K .jpg
"Power duel between Yankees and Russians. Duel for space and terrain conquest. Although it doesnít seem, America will ascend the throne". (year 1941)

[Photo 21] 24K .jpg
"The man-woman will be in two stages. One because bisex birth, the other stage will be ancestral. The evil will be the manís vice. He will take the sex in search and will finish in a false man-woman. Medics will operate, and they will do the right thing, but, the man-woman will not be understood until the '70." (year 1937)

[Photo 22] 21K .jpg
"The woman-man will be a reality, and she will be in two stages, because bisex birth and from ancestor. It will be the begin in them, even so, the true will shine. Medics will operate, and they will do right thing, but the woman-man will not be understood until the '70." (year 1937)

[Photo 23] 28K .jpg
"The goodness will disappear from the world. The theft and the crime will seize with the environment. The creatures chastity will be corrupted by the bad example of the denaturalized homes. The weddings will go reduced, even so the lovers will be admired. The man will always let himself be seduced. They (women), will be the seductive." (year 1934)

[Photo 24] 33K .jpg
"The tomorrowís man will emerge from laboratory spermatic cultures. The woman will look for the son by selecting the semen offered by the medic. Preference will be given to the athletic men ( in reserve), and to the intellectuals. The vulgus man will not be borne in mind, and he will be left to disappear. The year 2000, after the cataclysm, will know this new rule, and the man-animal has fell asleep forever and the procreation will give rise to the human being without the original sin." (year 1938)

[Photo 25] 24K .jpg
"The Church will mistake its own steps and its own leaders will distort it." (no date)

[Photo 26] 28K .jpg
"The papacy will have new rules. What was bad yesterday will be no longer. It will be protestant in it self, without to be. The protestants will be Catholics without to be. The Pope will go on journeys far from the Vatican, and will arrive to America, meanwhile the humanity will fall down." (year 1938)

[Photo 27] 23K .jpg
"With a dead Pope will start the Church concordat." (year 1939)

[Photo 28] 34K .jpg
"Rome in misfortune, the ducal city falls in desasters. Hermetism in the town of Naples. Confusion in Vatican. The Church will sink, the Pope will go out, he will become popular but late will be. The reforms will frighten the Catholics. The young priests will face the transitory elite which control the power. New Church. New ways. Secret meetings in fight. The future will be the return to the catacombs." (year 1938)

[Photo 29] 23K .jpg
"CRHIST. MARA. TIME. YES. NO. The Church will be divided in two groups, those who wait for Christ, and those who do not." (no date)

[Photo 30] 15K .jpg
"Faith. The world will go looking for, without to see, and seeing, it will not see, it will fall down and will stand up with the Virgin." (year 1939)

[Photo 31] 29K .jpg
"The Heart of the world will fall down, year 40. It will fall down and will be German the 44." (year 1938)

[Photo 32] 15K .jpg
"Hitler - Mussolini. With the same aim the same end." (year 1938)

[Photo 33] 33K .jpg
"The atomic era is near. Russia already plays with it without knowing. After the wars will arrive and will make war, and the war of the wars. Fire of fires will be!" (year 1937)

[Photo 34] 23K .jpg
"Races which hate each other will join together. The earth will go in war. India, China, Japan, Russia. Africa will give the world an example. America will be witness, help, palliative and light, North America will be despised, even so, the world in the moment of the afflictions will cry out for it - but it had suffered and will be no longer." (year 1937)

[Photo 35] 36K .jpg
"The beginning of the end will be soon arrived! The man will annihilate his own being, the biology will exclaim that it has discovered how to create life without the necessity of the masculine being, but with the use of glycerin took out of the cells. He will start to make beings without future, but with lives of unknown ways. Will be arrived, in that time, the atomic explosions, and they will cause the destruction of every being , the radiation will kill, and will cause to birth monsters from every mother, whether animal or vegetable, the mineral will disintegrate. Since the 66 the man will be born with his bones crystallized because of the presence of the strontium, and the strontium will cause in his life his disaster, will annihilate his brain, will change his genetic sperm, will kill his red corpuscle, will increase the cancerology up to the extreme level that will be a general cancer. The nucleonic power will dominate, and the yellows with the Russians will question power profits in that sense. The 666 will be already arrived with its hands full of nuclear power of mysterious and paralyzing beams. With new microbes from electronic centrifugal in artificial comets with the..." (year 1936)

[Photo 36] 15K .jpg
"Blennorrhagia, diseases will return in the 66 and will play havoc." (no date)

[Photo 37] 22K .jpg
"666. BLIND WORLD. The world seduced by the evil, will fall down." (no date)

[Photo 38] 33K .jpg
"Head of beard, which will appear to be saintly, but it wonít be and will spark off the Antilles." (year 1937)

[Photo 39] 2xK .jpg
Cuba, ideal of tourists, will be the center of misfortune, will be the bear and the bear over its head, will stay for five times, later a series of surprises will take it by surprise. Will there be blood, blood and fire, fire and death, and after that. Nothing! (year 1936)

[Photo 40] 22K .jpg
"66. Deaf and dumb the world will be in the 66, then in Latin America will rise up the chaos which after that will extend to the world, which did not listen. In fights the humanity will plunge." (year 1935)

[Photo 41] 26K .jpg
"Circles of lights will appear flying high, bringing alien beings from other planets. Yes, they were who came to settle the earth, it will be said, and it will be well said. Yes, who were called angels in old testament, or... Jahveh voice, they will be, and they will be seen again, and they will be seen, and they will be heard." (year 1938)

[Photo 42] 28K .jpg
"The seas will be invaded by beings from other worlds, which will arrive in their amphibious ships. They will take seaweeds from the earth to Ganymede and Europe, its twin, there, they are necessary as food. There are no great seas there. They will arrive." (year 1938)

[Photo 43] 14K .jpg
"The Darwin theory, will be no longer, because it will be known that the man descended from the planets." (no date)

Most of the psychographies made by Bnejamín Solari Parravicini referred expressly to Latin America, but particularly to Argentina, which he saw as a land of promises for the future events, an the bordering countries, not before passing through hard proofs.
Due to the actual extremely grave events that Argentina is living through, we think that it is very important to pay attention to some of such prophecies.

[Photo 44] 25K .jpg
"RA. Argentina must right now prepare to suffer. It will have a group of bossy boots that will reduce it to a communism of fascist order. The death will run through its paths and streets." (year 1938)

[Photo 45] 25K .jpg
"Buenos Aires listen. Argentineans, Sense! Military men will govern." (year 1939)

[Photo 46] 34K .jpg
"Over the new Argentine constitution, broken all the preceding rules, will rise the most high mountain of evil figures. All of them will have to hide their hidden purposes behind feigned masks." (year 1940)

[Photo 47] 14K .jpg
"Argentina will arrive to the great proof! Argentina will see what it didnít see... It will be!" (year 1972)

[Photo 48] 22K .jpg
"Argentina will have its own 'French revolution', in triumph, it could there be blood in the streets if didnít see the instant of the 'gray man'." (year 1971)

[Photo 49] 22K .jpg
"The 'Middle Class' will rescue Argentina. Its triumph will in... the world!" (year 1971)

[Photo 50] 30K .jpg
"In South America Argentina will fight for its freedom, for the freedom of the freedoms, the freedom of God. PAX." (year 1940)

[Photo 51] 15K .jpg
"Argentina will show, after the proof, the new man, and the new man... will instruct!" (year 1972)

[Photo 52] 14K .jpg
"Argentina will have its fourth position and... it will be of the world!" (year 1972)

[Photo 53] 24K .jpg
"Moment arrives to the squares of Buenos Aires in that..." (year 1937)

[Photo 54] 19K .jpg
"Argentina will suffer the storm in small, which later will ravage the world. Will be an example!" (year 1938)

[Photo 55] 19K .jpg
"The man in Argentina, already begins the begin of the beginning. He will understand what never understood because of being always in abundance! Will be again!" (year 1938)

[Photo 56] 21K .jpg
"Spiritual purity in Argentina, even so it wonít be useful in the new war." (year 1939)

[Photo 57] 22K .jpg
"The Americas will bleed. Europe will bleed after that. Each idea will see a sun of light. America will see the truth. Argentina will be light." (year 1940)

[Photo 58] 26K .jpg
"Maranhata. The virgin will arrive in Argentina in the chaos." (year 1939)

Texts from psychographies without available images.

Shortly before his death, in 1974, BSP handed down to one of his collaborators and friends, Norberto Pakula, his lasts psychographies, most of them corresponding to 1972, aimed to the future generations, some of which were shown in this work. The psychographies were published in 1988 in the book "The prophetic testament of Benjamín Solari Parravicini" where from we extracted the next text belonging to the author, and which could serve as a corollary of this work:

The word "psychographie" had in Parraviciniís mouth the value of a true profession of faith. It was the decided, brave, bold, as well as peaceful recognition to the existence, beyond the little personalities and human capabilities, of conscious intelligences, alive, organized and which can leave out in fact, in their existence level, the somatic body that characterizes us in our dimension of human relations.
I will avoid every religious and philosophic discussion, or every abstract speculation. I will choose simply the objective quality, documented in graphisms (some of them are more than half a century old, which are in my hands ) about certain integrated willing which were determined to transmit to us by means of an exceptional artist sensitivity, an extraordinary and unique message, aimed to a certain extent to every one of us.
Message which continuity and main idea, throughout the decades show, with no doubts, that we are witnesses of an activity planed by expressions of life provided with mind qualities, synthesis capabilities, and above all, with a determined willpower. Beings firmly decided to be heard in a world lacking vision, guidance and virtues as in the individual level as in the collective one. Since, despites the presumed progresses verified principally in the field of the technical fulfillments, we are in a condition of spiritual orphanage. The primitive attitudes, the offences, the violence and the disdain for the fellow beings life with non stop increases, as well as the aggression and the imposition by force in the collective relationships in ways more and more uncontrollable, proves that the humanity has lost its bearings and it needs to find again the moral life sources. Such governing idea takes shape insistently throughout the whole draws collection.
Besides that, the word "psychographie" constitutes a complete demonstration of humility from Benjamín Solari Parravicini, positioning him currently to sidereal distances from so many artists and other which are not, magnified in their own insignificance. It recognizes as a maximum virtue the fact of being docile and docile instrument of spiritual entities that just want the good for the humanity, with the clear conscious of their own position.
But, if the word "psychographie" has already an exceptional sense because of the mentioned reasons, even more important is the meaning "premonitory". Now, it is not a question of a well meant message, but it is about predictions, which are warnings and instructions at the same time. The unknown which have guided the artistís hands, prove that they have a vision which exceeds from every viewpoint the normal possibilities of the human forecast. Many of the predictions expressed much earlier than these here offered, came true since then. Other are in process of coming true, and other are about to come true. From the human mistakes, documented in several guesses and foresights, as well in the individual aspect, as in what refers to the nations destination, up to the final consequences signed by the collective madness, the invisible but wise mentors which stamped their anguish cry in the presence of the human misconduct, they want now give us their alert voice perceiving what seems to be an unavoidable sign in the collective order, but where the individual can find the salvation by means of a behavior full of love and virtues.
In this way, the magnificent message whose bearer was Benjamín Solari Parravicini is addressed to every one of us under the obligation to help in its diffusion. There are still individual responsibilities which we have to assume on pain of suffering the consequences of our negligence. So, this is a personal call that we shouldnít ignore, in the benefit of our own good.
It is said about certain beings, who science men call "gifted", which have special talent to get in touch with superior entities, Benjamín Solari Parravicini was one of them, showing it without fear.
So, we have here a truly exceptional reality: That of a man who stated with draws that show the gift of an artist, the guidance of beings who belong to another existence level, and whose presence had become familiar with the gifted intimacy, giving evidence that furthermore the human meanness there are residing entities in more subtle existence levels, driven by their higher evolution they try to orient, help and hold us with exemplary serenity and equilibrium, and to remind us once and again that only the way of the most strict virtues, of a warm heart, so well exemplified up to the sacrifice for the Master of the masters, the humble Rabbi from Galilee, can guide us to a good port.
So, letís look carefully and with appreciation at these graphics (graphisms). Letís try to sip its essence with our all feeling. Letís read his prophecies with a wide mind and open heart. Perhaps it will be then open a new panorama, and a new life full of sense.

Although many of his prophecies are of politic order (Because of room reasons we have omitted many other prophecies of natural order as catastrophes, earthquakes, seaquakes, polar caps thawing, volcano eruptions, change of the earth rotation axis, floods, etc.), his vision of the Third millennium is encouraging, after the "Great Purification" that the humanity will start to suffer since the beginning of the Century XXI. The thirds millennium is about to arrive - he wrote in 1972 - with it, the reborn of the True that was.

It would be necessary certainly a lot of articles like this to cover in its real dimension the complete work of Benjamín Solari Parravicini, but we think that all stated here, it will be enough for those which in their free will can take their own conclusions. "Who has ears, ear. Who has eyes, see...".

by: Tomás Latino
Group Sol
Reseach and spreading programs: "El Tiempo del Sol"
Santa Fe, Argentina - January 2002.

Bibliographic references:
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