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25/03/1952 - 25/03/2002

by Orazio Valenti

I went to see him and to ask him how he is doing. The small villa where he has been living with his family for 24 years was there on the slopes of Mount Etna, 4 Kilometers away from the last lava flow. The small town called Nicolosi, at the start of summer, has been an international theatre of eruptive activity, like a Perhaps there is a reason even for this, as if a "Natural Finger" were to point at something in a categorical, yet not destructive, manner and this divinity of primordial fire were to confirm the last divulging words of Eugenio: "The Planet Earth has turned intolerant!"
These words, rather more than disquieting, give one the shudders, but a further explanation could help us understand its motive, keeping in mind the many times our cosmic brothers, by means of their special operator, have spoken about the relationship between man and the Planet.
[Eugenio Siragusa] I found him in the lounge, as if he were prepared to welcome a lot of friends, but it was not so. Even if his smile was warm and welcoming his eyes often looked outside, up at the sky, as if he were waiting for something... about to... happen.
Lately, it has been very difficult to have a conversation with Eugenio Siragusa, not because he is on with his years, which he carries well, especially when he is so excited in his replies like he used to be some years ago, but even more because his sadness, due to man's inborn apathy, has turned him into a serious man, loath to have company. He brushed up old concepts which are no longer taken into consideration by a humankind, to whom he had dedicated all his life, and who advances with a most evident indifference towards life's values. In effect, this is what he's always done, namely, to repeat to each visitor what had been said to him, without prevaricating, always consistent with his work: "Go and divulge".

"Eugenio - I asked him - why don't we go out and meet someone, so many would like to meet you and have you as guest to talk about things of great interest..."

"I must interpret the Will of the Father and I obey - he thanked me with his vibrating words - I must not have interest for anyone. I have been stopped due to my excess zeal; this is no longer a time for Love. Listen to what Adoniesis told me on the 9th of August 2001: 'Son of my spirit. Confirm my sentence for these inane enzymes fighting against My Law of Universal Justice'". ; With these words starts a message that Eugenio has received from Adoniesis.

Spontaneously came to my mind what would say some silencers of disasters: "It's the usual thing", or "God is merciful and cannot hurt us" would say some religious well-thinkers.

"Unfortunately the concept of a punishing God is misinterpreted by man's logic, but according to His Cosmic Law of Justice that defends Love, which permits man to keep the suffering no matter how awful it may seem! Along the eternity of time, he goes along with the free choice of destiny: firstly, because it is a means of redemption, second because he won't allow him to destroy the macrocosmic Cell the Earth". - whispered Eugenio, he looked at me and spread out his hands - "However, - and here he raised his voice a little - being astounded because we didn't want to hear apocalyptic words, is strange, because the chronicles are filled with news. Children who kill their parents, parents who kill their children, wars and genocides spread every where with kamikaze attacks... and how do you want to call this? Carelessness of start of millennium?"

Many are trustful of so many heartfelt appeals to peace and hope. G8 full of good intentions for poor countries…

Eugenio interrupted: "Words! Where are the facts? They still haven't understood anything. This year is my 50th anniversary of conversations with the Cosmic Father of my brothers, the One I love with immense tenderness and whose name is Jupiter, and who would have wanted a happy and thriving humankind upon the Earth rather than an unhappy and murderous one. Fifty years of persecution by denigrators and conspirators of this wicked generation which is not willing to accept the Truth that sets one free, truly free. Fifty years of advice and admonishments offered by the Creator to the earthly mankind, who has refused them, meanwhile it could have avoided to be in such life conditions".

It is fair, we owe it to him, and it is well to remember some meaningful points in his reports to mankind by reading them reported in the books (it can be obtained for free prelevabili gratuitamente n.d.r.) which are a testimony of his work.

Eugenio, why do you always look outside? What are you waiting for?

"The day and the hour in which will arrive my White Spaceship, that day will mark the beginning of the Justice of the Father".

At this point, a thought comes spontaneous, due to the many illations of researchers engaged on the ufologic issue, regarding the last words of Siragusa pertaining to the "Parusia" (the One who has to come after John's Apocalypse), to that phenomenon called apocalypse which could mark the disappearance of the earth's mankind: what have they understood of his work?
We admit that this phenomenon has slowed down recently and that mankind might still be able to live in these conditions, with these premises, not wanting to consider the logical conclusions of the delinquent life styles.
Let us consider, then, only the teachings concerning our life, our inner life, a reconsideration of the universal concepts given by the Heavenly Masters, useful for those who want to set themselves free from material things, troglodyte violence, useless egotism, and look towards the present future which, from the wings of the infinite Space, calls to the yearning of our free spirit.
Indeed, wasn't it worth all that has been done? To continue the battle for the sake of one's neighbor without considering any conclusive form?
Then, let us think about what has been said to us by this "messenger" Eugenio Siragusa and to what he could have given us if only we had listened to him, in order to understand our Elder Brothers with their high consciousness... that we want to avoid, criticize, without wanting to understand.
Yes, it is worth giving one's own life in doing this!
! Those who have understood you, are with you, Eugenio, and are fond of you.


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