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New FATHER BALDUCCI assertions
about Extraterrestrials

We wish to thank people, especially those of english language, who visited this page.
We literally translated in English the text we got from the video.

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We want also to report a previous Father Balducci assertion given during a national TV program.

FATHER BALDUCCI had already asserted:

24/11/1986 - Canal 5 - Broadcast "Mysterious Italy" [Italiano] [FranÁais] [Español]

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including the film broadcasted on RAI-1 on the program "SPECIALE TG1"

The film with the questions of journalist Bruno Mobrici and the answers of Father BALDUCCI

   2,674Mb .zip (2,853Mb .mpg)

Sunday October 8, 1995 - RAI 1 - Programme "SPECIALE TG1"


[Photo 1] Bruno Mobrici: Father Balducci, what would you answer to all of those who claim that the aliens are already among us?
[Photo 2] Padre BALDUCCI: We can not longer think... is it true, is it not true, are they truth or are they lies, if we believe, or if we donīt! There are already many considerations which MAKES THE EXISTENCE OF THESE BEINGS INTO A CERTAINTY. WE CANNOT DOUBT. Even if we say that among a hundred of these phenomenon there are only... even if we said that 99 were false and that one was true, itīs that one that says that some phenomenon exist. Therefore this is the first problem... itís not anymore... it doesnít revert anymore to the ambit of human prudence... to doubt... because... the prudence says to be prudent, but not to deny.
[Photo 3] Bruno Mobrici: What are the consequences to religion, to filosophy...
[Photo 4] Padre BALDUCCI: There are no cons... thereís no negative consequence... all is contemplated, look at the Lord which as revealed everything to us, because of that we think very well, even in the human redemption, Christ remains allways the center of the Universe, but in the Universe there is... itís all... that... not only the world, but also the thousands of stars, the thousands of galaxies, and there are... I donít want to reveal any numbers, but we can without any doubt and rationally at this point... and we enter now on the second question, how do you explain, ...the existence of other inhabited worlds, in what manner inhabited, by whom inhabited? Letís look at us... there is an old saying that exists for centuries that goes: "Natura non facit saltus" eh... "Nature does not leap" that is... no... there is the vegetal kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom... and the angelic kingdom, the only things, four kingdoms that we know. Three are natural and we can see them. Between the man, the human being and the angel, eh... there is a big gap. Here is why, with this argument, which is well demonstrated by San Tommaso, one of the biggest theologists, itís probable, itís likely... more than other... that between man, which has already a spirit inside him, but a poor one... it is incredibly subjected to matter, for instance at night we have the need to sleep, while the soul hasnít. A small illness is enough... in short, itís stuck, and the angel which is only spirit, itís likely that there are other beings, who have a soul, that is less attached, less subordinated to the body and a soul of this kind can obviously accomplish progress that we, no matter how much we have progressed in this last decades, are not in the position to accomplish.

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